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Posted 4 years ago by John

Version 1.4 was pushed live this morning to the app store. There is a problem is this update, and that is that it is so big with the jump to iOS7 that the program can not pull the old data over. One solution is to delete it and reinstall completely – you lose all your data. We are trying to find a fix for it please follow on Facebook for updates. As soon as we have a fix we will then we will ask Apple to rush it out.

Here are the updates in this version besides updating to iOS 7.

  • The date selector in the event planning starts at the date for the trip planned
  • Eliminated the details for the destinations not picked
  • Auto delete old trips
  • Add Cruise Restaurants to Restaurant List
  • Add ability to change cruise address so you can change the ports
  • Share Countdown on Facebook/Twitter
  • Added Disney Paris as a destination
  • Dining Points Calculate – Must select yes that you are on the Dining Plan for each restaurant
  • Add the ability to select a background from pictures in phone
  • Add the trips dates to the trip screen at the top

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Disney Lover and vacationer. I found that I was looking for a Disney app to fit all of my Disney planning needs and since there wasn't one, I thought why not design one. Follow me on Facebook or Google+
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