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Posted 5 years ago by John

Last week I released Mousetrips. Mousetrips acts as an application to help you keep all your Disney plans in one spot. While I have the My Disney Experience app, it didn’t really satisfy my needs as within the next year I plan to be going to Disneyland, Disney World, and on a Disney Cruise. While the app could track my dining and hotel, it could not track my airfare, etc. I wanted an app that could do all of that, give me a countdown, and let me add the plans to my iPhone Calendar (so I can even see them at work). I figured instead of wishing for an app to do all of this, I would just do it so I could make it how I want. This app should include most, if not all, the locations at the parks. In the future I plan to update it with more features that make the app a must have. I hope the price is well placed. Please make sure you leave a review on the Apple Store and share the site with your Disney friends. More features will be added in the future. What features do you want in the app? Feedback means a lot.

Make sure to like out Mousetrips Facebook Page to get updates on the app.

Please enjoy the app and notify me of idea’s and bugs. I will get bugs fixed right away. Right now I do have a list of some minor bugs and a build has been sent to Apple which has fixed them all. Hopefully version 1.1 will be released any day now.

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Disney Lover and vacationer. I found that I was looking for a Disney app to fit all of my Disney planning needs and since there wasn't one, I thought why not design one. Follow me on Facebook or Google+
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