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Posted 4 years ago by John

Mousetrips – Time Zone Settings Tip

I don’t know about you, but I do not live in the same time zone as Disneyland or Disneyworld. With Mousetrips when I would put in my trips activities at either the Eastern Standard Time zone (Disney World) or the Pacific Time zone (Disneyland) I would do so based on the time given.

I found that the problem with this is that the iPhone will adjust all your plans based on the time zone where you entered them. So when you would get to Florida or California and your iPhone’s calendar would adjust the plans you exported from Mousetrips to the calendar and change the time to as it is based on the time zone where you made the plans. This was incredibly frustrating as while the app had the times correct it is nice to get alerts from the iPhone before a reservation.

Now, this doesn’t affect you in Mousetrips but does if you export you plans to your calendar. How do you fix this? Let me show you.

Step 1 – Open your iPhone to your settings screen.

Mousetrips iphone app

Step 2 – Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars >


Step 3 – Click on Time Zone Support >


Step 4 – Turn Time Zone Support On

Now when you go into your iphone’s calendar you should have your plans that you imported with Mousetrips as the correct date when you get to Disney World, Disneyland, or when you are about to go on a Disney Cruise.

Soon we will have lists for Disney Paris in the app and you will get to use it there as well.

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